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Pricing Overview

CAMP SITE $55.00 | Per Night


The Actual rental of the campsite grounds on the property. This is your own very private space in a beautiful area with lots of room to lounge in privacy!

Glamping Tent | Per Night


The Glamping Tent Package comes with one spacious 11 person tent, optional privacy walls (up to 3 rooms), rain cover, tent rug, 2 flash lights, and bear mace for peace of mind!  Every package you choose will be hauled in to the site, set up, and awaiting your arrival! 

Glamping Tent Interior | Per Night


The Full Comfort Package comes with a Premium (24" bed height) queen air mattress, all linens, comforter, awesome sleeping pillows, decorative pillows, tent table, 2 wonderful camp chairs, games, rugs, and more!

Tables, Chairs, and Cook Station Package


The Cook Station Package comes with a preparation table, dinning table, 2 chairs, table cloths, pots, pans, tongs, spatula, utensils, propane stove, 2 bottles of propane, non-stick spray, salt & pepper, plates, paper towels and lantern pole to cook at night.

Champagne on Ice!


Champagne on ice is our customary complimentary gift to you, to help kick off your glamping experience in the right direction! 

Fire ring, Fire, and Firewood!


We've got you covered! It will be all set up for you--even with a fire starter! Just light it up! (There will also be a lighter for you on the tent table).

Hammock Package


The Hammock Package offers one set-up, 2 person Hammock for your relaxing pleasure! For the price, its hard to pass up!

Camp Games Package


Cornhole, Can-Jam, Frisbee, Board games, Ladder Golf, XXL Jenga, Ring Toss, and More!.  All your fun and games will be there and all set up for you!

Bathroom Tent Package


The Bathroom Tent Package comes with a private tent, camping toilet, clotting disposal bags, 2 toilet paper rolls, and sealed baby wipes.  

ADD: Cooler and Ice Package


The Cooler and Ice package comes with one large food cooler and one medium drink cooler, both will be hauled in on site and filled with ice.

ADD: Shower Tent Package


The Shower Tent Package comes with a basin, two towels, packaged bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner, and shower tent, and 5 gallons of warm fresh water.  

ADD: Food Delivery Package


The Food Delivery Package is for the full hands-off, "just show up!" Glamping Experience. We will take your order, go to the grocery store for you, order all your requested items, and bring them to the site for you, and put them in the ice chests! Non-Alcoholic Beverages are included in this package. This fee is the shopping and delivery fee. We will email you the receipt to be reimbursed for the product expense.

ADD: Adult Beverage Delivery Package


Like the Food Package, the Adult Beverage Delivery Package does all the work for you. Just place your order! Wine, Spirits, Beer... Tell us what you want and it will be there. This fee is the shopping and delivery fee. We will email you the receipt to be reimbursed for the product expense.

ADD: Scavenger Hunt!


Custom scavenger hunt for you and your significant other, or for your kids, or for your bachelor party!  Great way to do a proposal! *Hint, hint! We can do it all, or you can give us notes to attach to the clues. We can provide the objects, or you can provide objects of significance for us to hide! In a tree, under a rock, within a waterproof bag in a creek..we know how to get creative! One item found will lead to a shovel which will have to be used for the next item, etc! Suggested 10-15 items to play a good game for 90 minutes. (Some can be gag-gift items, with a few "more significant" items).

ADD: Butler In The Woods Package


This is the Package above all Packages! Have an actual butler, in a tuxedo, out there in the woods for up to two hours to prepare your dinner, serve you drinks, and serve you dinner and desert! Tips not accepted!  Kick off your shoes, sit back, and enjoy! *This covers the service, food for two, and a bottle of wine. 

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For an exceptional customer service experience, please email us your selections and requested date. We will follow up with you very quickly to secure your experience!

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