Operation Home Sale

Punch List

202 Lincoln lane, Sykesville, md 21784

1.)  Align Cabinet Doors and Drawers

2.)  Paint Trim (puppy damage).

3.)  Install Vent Covers

3b.)  Install Vent Covers

4.)  Install Door on upstairs bedroom.

5.)  Mud & Paint Flooring Damage

6.)  New Door to Laundry Room

7.)  Secure Vent Covers

7b.)  Secure Vent Covers

8.)  Install new Ceiling Tile

9.)  Paint White or Remove and Patch

10.)  Remove and replace with blank plate cover.

11.)  Paint with white Epoxy Paint

12.)  Minor Landscaping, Siding, & Roof Cleaning.


Chad, let me know of the progress and how I can help!

Upon Completion, I will order the Photographer to make his Magic happen.

TARGET LIST DATE: Tuesday, May 5, 2020


And GREAT job on getting the flooring done and the garage door fixed!!!!

Real Estate Agent

Brandon Swisher