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When you list with Swisher Residential, you can expect exceptional results.

Our marketing strategy includes the following…


Depending upon your goals, time, and budget, it can make sense to make some very basic investments to get top dollar for your home. Many of our clients want or need to sell their home completely the way it is – this is something we do frequently and we never pressure our sellers to make repairs to their home. However, home buyers are always focused on the cosmetics of a home. If you have the time and/or resources, we will help you decide what tweaks you can make to your home to get the most you possibly can when selling.

Typical recommendations include painting (both interior and exterior), updating basic lighting fixtures, updating cabinet hardware & the like, exterior power washing, basic landscaping, tree trimming, and the like.

We maintain a database of licensed and insured contractors who work  with us. We maintain great relationships with good vendors who charge reasonable prices. Most of our clients are happy to hand us the keys, allow us to gather bids, and then they simply get to make the calls on which repairs they are willing and able to make. Some of our clients do the tweaks themselves. Either way, we will give you honest and down to earth advice as to how you can get the most possible money for your home without spending too much or putting your money into the wrong things.


We will do all of the communicating, wrangling and follow-up with every vendor involved in the process. We will coordinate any pre-listing work that needs to be done, as well as any bids for home inspection related repairs, introducing you to movers or storage companies. We follow up with the Realtors who show your home, the agent who represents your ultimate buyer, the lender, the appraiser, the home inspector, the title company, and much more. Our role is to filter out the stress and the drama of the transaction so that you can focus on YOUR needs – moving!


Every listing we take, without fail, is professionally photographed! Your home has an “Open House” every day — on the Internet. It is our job to make sure your home photographs beautifully and that your best foot is put forward before buyers come over in person. This is the single most important piece of the process, aside from determining the correct listing price.

We advertise our listings on every online portal available. Websites that will showcase your home include, our broker’s website, every local real estate brokerage, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia,, HomesDatabase, and much much more. Of course, your home will also be displayed on the Multiple Listing Service, which is the database that every licensed agent uses to search on behalf of his or her clients.


We maintain an inventory of home decor and accessories so that every listing we sell shines as brightly as possible. Research shows over and over again that staged homes sell for more money in less time. Our sellers reap the benefits of our staging

For a modest additional fee, our team will help you de-clutter your home (if you live in it), and then we will properly accessorize your kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor areas, and more. If a home is completely vacant, we will bring it to life with colorful and on trend decor elements so it photographs beautifully and feels warm in person.

If your home requires a fair amount of de-cluttering, we can connect you with a great moving company that will provide temporary storage.


One of our specialties is getting massive attention for your home through social media! We market to our own networks using our personal Facebook profiles as well as our Facebook Page.

We market to other Realtors using private Facebook groups that only agents have access to. This is one of the top ways that we promote our listings before they even hit the mark.

We use targeted Facebook ads to reach specific sets of buyers who are your likely demographic. We can drill down to targeted zip codes, income levels, and even whether someone is likely to move in the next year!

We also use Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote your home. We constantly monitor our accounts so we can follow up with leads immediately.


Our team is available to you 7 days per week and it is in our genetic code to provide amazing service. We will walk you through every phase of the process, from making those pre-listing decisions and preparations, to the marketing, negotiating, and closing phases. You will hear from us at least three times per week while your home is on the market AND while it is under contract!


It should go without saying that our ethics and fiduciary duties to our clients are paramount. As a team that works mostly by referral, we are relationship sensitive people. Nothing matters more to us than creating a life-long relationship with our clients. We are here to serve you, advise you with our expertise, and help you get what YOU want when YOU want it!


Hand in hand with our service standards, we are always in touch with our clients through the process yet also after closing. We keep in touch and will provide important information for homeowners, contractor referrals, property tax advice, and invitations to client parties and informational seminars. We are here for you and we hope to be a resource to you for real estate and beyond!


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