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Congratulations!  You are under Contract!

Where are you, in The Process now?

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Home Buy Process Assembly Line

1.)  Your Realtor will Order Your Home Inspection.
2.)  Your Loan Officer will Order Your Home Appraisal.
3.)  You continue to work with your Loan Officer to provide the documentation the Mortgage Company needs.
4.)  Appear for the Home Inspection. (You should do this if you can, but it is not mandatory; you will get a full report with photos.) You have to pay for this Inspection out of pocket, at the time of the inspection.
5.)  Your Realtor will Negotiate Repairs based on the Home Inspection Report on Your Behalf.
6.)  When your Home Appraisal comes back, it Needs to Be Appraised at the Same Value of Your Purchase Price or Greater.
7.)  Your Realtor, the Listing Agent (other realtor), your Loan Officer, and the Title Company who conducts the Closing will continue to Communicate with each other throughout the entire process.
8.)  Your Loan Officer will announce when they've received the "Clear to Close"--that is when the Bank has officially secured the loan and has made the funds available for settlement (the closing.)
9.)  Final Walk through. Either the day before or the day of settlement, your Realtor will meet you at the home to be purchased for a final walk through, to make sure all agreed repairs were made, and that the home looks as good as you remembered it!
10.)  Closing!  You will meet your Realtor at the determined date, place, and time the closing is to be conducted. You will have to bring in a check to settlement to cover your closing costs. You will sign all the documents and get the keys to your new home!!

Tips and Resources for Home Buyers

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Here to take the

confusion right out of it!

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