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Bethesda, MD

How's the Market Right Now? 

August 1, 2017

Bethesda is a desirable area of Montgomery County given its proximity to DC and excellent schools. The Bethesda real estate market is generally very strong. There are three primary zip codes: 20814, 20816 and 20817.

Home values in Bethesda are higher than in other areas of Montgomery County.  In 2015 in Bethesda’s zip code 20814, the average sold price for single family homes was $1,074,489 and $421,459 for townhomes and condos. In zip code 20816, single family homes sold for $1,167,020 and townhouses and condos sold for $527,930. In Bethesda’s 20817, single family homes sold for $1,151,736 and condos and townhomes sold for $362,287.

Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase MD homes are some of the most desirable real estate in the Maryland.  The close commuting location to DC, the beautiful neighborhoods near Rock Creek Park and the great schools all make it a very desirable and pricey suburb in Montgomery County. In 2015, the average sold price for a single family home in Chevy Chase was $1,298,768 and  $746,194 for townhomes and condos.

Clarksburg, MD

Clarksburg is a growing, master planned community in the northern end of Montgomery County. Located in zip code 20871, Clarksburg features plenty of green space and parks, several newer schools and plenty of new home construction.

Clarksburg MD is a master planned community of several large developments just off I-270 and Route 27 plus farmland and some older subdivisions.In 2015 the average Clarksburg single family home price was $549,509 and an average sold price of $357,166 for townhomes and condos.

Damascus, MD

Damascus is just under 10 square miles, where MD Route 27 (Ridge Road) and MD Route 124 (Woodfield Road) meet in the center of town. The building of a new shopping center is  complete, with nearby Main Street keeping it’s town charm. Did you know that Damascus was the only town in Montgomery County that still had a ban on the sale of alcohol until recently? In 2015, the average single family home price in Damascus was $382,260 and $237,264 for townhomes and condos.

Darnestown, MD

Darnestown MD real estate market features equestrian estates and rolling hills and includes the neighborhoods of Ancient Oak, Darnestown Hills, Darnestown Knolls, Finegan Farm, Rive Gauche, Rollinmead, Spring Meadows and more communities along Route 28, plus some homes with Germantown mailing addresses. In 2015, single family homes in zip code 20874 sold for an average of $527,513  and townhomes sold for an average of $253,181 . In Darnestown’s 20878 zip code, single family homes sold for an average of $667,278 and townhomes sold for an average of $395,492.Find out the Latest Trends and Sales in the Darnestown Real Estate Market with our free Market Snapshot tool that gives you up to date home prices and market trends.

Olney, MD

Homes in Olney MD have been impacted by the short sale and foreclosure crisis.  Neighborhoods, covered by zip codes 20830 and 20832, include Brooke Manor Farms, Cashell Manor, Christie Estates, Hallowell, James Creek, Norbeck Grove, Olney Manor, Olney Oaks and Olney Square.  Zip code 20833 covers Brookeville.  Home styles range from classic colonials to ramblers, plus townhouse developments.  Communities are built along Route 108, Olney-Laytonsville Road and Georgia Avenue – Route 97. In 2015 the average single family home price was $544,656 and condos and townhomes average sold price was $303,971.

Rockville, MD

Rockville MD is comprised of many different neighborhoods in several different zip codes. Zip code 20850 includes downtown Rockville and stretches across 270 and 355 from King Farm to the Willows of Potomac. Zip code 20851 is southeast of the center of Rockville and runs along Veirs Mill Road, Twinbrook Parkway and Baltimore Road. Zip code 20852 is in the southern part of Rockville and runs down to North Bethesda. Zip code 20853 is bordered by Georgia Avenue and Veirs Mill in the far eastern section of Rockville. Zip code 20855 is Derwood in the northeastern section of Rockville.
The Rockville Real Estate Market comprises a wide variety of home types, price points and style of living.  Many neighborhoods in Rockville have started to show an increase in home values, or at least a leveling off.  The average single family home sale price in zip code 20850 was $650,824 and  $426,331 for townhomes and condos in 2015. In zip code 20852, single family home sales averaged $637,098  and $407,173 for condos and townhomes. In 2015 for zip code 20853, single family homes averaged $451,959 and condos and townhomes averaged $243,639 .

Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring MD real estate comprises a wide variety of homes, prices and styles of living.  Silver Spring is a mixture of urban and suburban development and home to a wonderfully diverse population.  Downtown Silver Spring has been recently redeveloped into a bustling center for business, shopping and entertainment, including the headquarters for the Discovery Channel.  In 2015, the average sale price for Silver Spring homes in each zip code is:

20901 – Single Family Homes $430,651  – Townhomes & Condos $287,233
20902 – Single Family Homes $390,052  – Townhomes & Condos $230,971
20903 – Single Family Homes $374,527  – Townhomes & Condos $150,550
20904 – Single Family Homes $442,893  – Townhomes & Condos $254,550
20905 – Single Family Homes $496,792 – Townhomes & Condos $235,515
20910 – Single Family Homes   $588,284 – Townhomes & Condos $341,571

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