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Buff Bush Pluckers

"We Pluck 'Em Right Outta the Ground"

Make a Request:

1. Send a photo of the shrub(s) to
2. Leave your name, address where the shrub is located, and best way to reach you.
3. In the email subject line, write "Shrubs".

We will respond shortly thereafter!

Limitations of Free Service

* Shrub removal limited 1-5 per home.

* Not more than 6' in height.

* Shrub and root will be extracted and can be moved within 50' from its location.

* Shrubs will not be hauled of property.


If you are within the service area and are awarded the free shrub extraction, we will come as scheduling permits, sometimes unannounced between the hours of 8am and 7pm. Shrubs to be removed should be tagged or marked with ribbon or paint and the final destination should be specified/requested in the email after job is awarded.

Why We Do It

I am a gym guy after being a realtor. I am also a former landscaper. All I can think about when I see guys and gals banging on tires with sledgehammes for exercise is what else could be done with that energy. It's the exact same motion with a pickaxe to remove a shrub or tree--which actually provides something constructive & noble to someone in need. Besides, after a gym rat is done banging on a tractor tire, the tire looks the same. Yet the result of using that energy to do good for someone is gratifying and enriching. 

So I put together a team of good people who enjoy the gym and also enjoy getting constructive workouts in on behalf of good people.

Buff Bush Removers

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