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Nutrition Example



Eating Every 3 Hours = Fat Burn

Eating Every 4-6+ Hours = Fat Storage (Bad!)

Gym Supplements

Pre-Workout | All Together



Creatine Super-Hydrates your muscles helping them to expand and contract easier, lubricating your muscle and allowing great flexibility.



Glutamine allows you to process a greater amount of protein, which your muscles need to recover and build back larger.



BCAA's is like Gateraide on steroids, or Pedialyte. Your body needs to stay hydrated to process the amount of food you will be eating and to handle the muscle hydration the creatine is causing.



C4 is a great "Pre-Workout." Two scoops delivers 300 mg of Caffeine. This will give you the boost and energy you need to put up weight and power through the pain!

Nitric Oxide


Opens up your vascular system and dumps your stored nutrients into your muscle.

Test Boost


Testostorone gives your skin and muscle that tight, vascular look. Test gives you strength, energy, and recovery abilities to really see results.



What you do in the gym is as important as how much you eat, how much you sleep, and what supplements you take. If you are not getting sore every time, you are doing it wrong. Sore muscles are growing muscles. Its factual science.


Gym Coaching comes with encouragement, reminders of the success this program will bring, accountability and weekly in-person training sessions and education. Also training programs, cardio options and programs, and this plugs you into a fitness and workout community.


Fueling your body 5-6 times per day properly gets your body out of the Fat Storage mode in four days time. Then we will keep you in a fat burn mode. Food is as much as 80% as important as what you do in the gym or for your physical activity.


You grow when you sleep. You don't have the energy you need in the gym to tear muscle unless you sleep. 7-8 hrs a day. Alcohol does not help sleep and will mess everything up. Limit or remove it. Without sleep, you will not have a positive mental state.

mental state


Always Be Positive


Great Headphones, Good Music, a Good Gym, and Positive Vibes are all Required for a GREAT PUMP! A positive mental state is SO important. But if you are ever self doubting, depressed, being hard on yourself, don't feel great, are struggling financially, are afraid of something, or are tired--you are not full of real and positive energy which is the what you need when it comes to tearing and building muscle.

Mental State Coaching comes with encouragement, reminders of the success this program will bring, accountability on sleep and positive factors encouraged, reminders on food and supplement intake, and food examples. One call per day in the first four days, then 2 calls per week in the second week, then 1 call per week.

Brandon Swisher's Testimony

Who is stuck, sick, tired, or worried? Who feels fat, or weak, or fed up and ugly? Who is fed up with life, job, finances, or wellness? Who wants to sometimes burst out and cry? Who has experienced true anxiety? I have! Are you ready to show the world that you have what it takes, and reveal the actual you in your full potential?


Are you ready to be free from it? Like, really ready? 

A little while back, I wrote this:

I want to be SO fit.

SO awake.

SO full of energy.

Running Circles around everyone.

Motivating everyone.

Exciting everyone.

Energizing Everyone.


I want to FEEL good.

I want to LOOK good.

I want to be FULL of IDEAS.

I want my body aches to be gone.

I want to not spend money on useless things.


I want to be STRONGER.

I want to be huge.

I want to be limber.

I want to eat a a lot.

I want to have 6 pack abs.


I don't want to be tired anymore.

I don't want anxiety anymore.

I don't want to be worried about my heart.

I don't want to worry about my organs, blood pressure, or cholesterol. 

Now I feel better, younger, healthier and more energized than I ever have in my life! I feel amazing. Plus it has effected all areas of my life. My confidence, relationships, spiritual life, business, and finances. If you're interested, I'll share with you my story.

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